Soccer Saturday

It was a soccer filled Saturday. First game of the season for Cully Rangers and they won 7-4.

Leo made some great saves but also one howler when a back pass headed his way and he went to clear it but fluffed it and it ended up in the back of his net! His poor little face when that happened - he looked distraught! Thankfully that happened at 4-4 so the few extra goals meant it didn't make much difference.

And then off the Exeter to watch the Grecians and they won 3-0. So a good footie day all round.

We escaped a soaking too. It was glorious sunshine for Leo's match and then we were far enough up in the stands against Exeter that the big old showers couldn't get the us.

Oh, and the piccie is the shot of the trauma of watching the kid next to us chomp his way through his Kit-Kat in a very disorganised fashion. Leo and I agree it was definitely not the done thing!

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