Visit to Corbridge Roman Town

Today we visited Corbridge Roman Town with my brother & his wife. I don't think I've been there since I was a teenager, which is an awful admission as it's only about 20 miles away!

Anyway we had a fun time. This started with my Editor (aka MrsC) being amused by its old Roman name of "Corstopitum".

The ruins are really extensive and amazingly well preserved, especially the floors of the grain stores with the flooring stones (supported by stone pillars) under which air could circulate to keep the grain from getting damp and mouldy.

Effective photos were tricky to get, the main blip here being my favourite (and it looks much better in mono than colour). The vertical stone slab towards the top right is part of the original stone side of a water storage tank; Roman engineering was very impressive, the stones being joined by tongue-and-groove joints (you can see the groove in the side of the upright stone). The inside would probably have been lined with lead to make it watertight. I've used a water channel running away from the tank as a lead-in line.

The extra is a photo taken by my Editor of me and my shadow ;-))

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