Zoodoo Zoo

So, we were up and at it early this morning. There was a fun run on (in the pouring rain) and the streets were going to close around our hotel.

First up, a phone call from a guy who had found Cousteau wandering the streets of Sunbury. Fortunately, we have Mr B's phone number on Cousteau's collar, so we could be contacted. A quick phone call to broinlaw (which got him out of bed) and he raced over to pick him up. Another phone call discovered that fatherinlaw had accidentally left their gate open - Cousteau had been out for hours, exploring. The inlaws had been out and about for three hours trying to find him. They were beside themselves. All is well that ends well. Cousteau is fine and he's safe. My stress levels went through the roof for moment there. It's been quite an eventful couple of weeks for our red boy.

We set off for Target, where we purchased some new clothes for Little Miss (she didn't pack much and we were running out of gear for her!).

A quick breakfast and then to Mass. 

After Mass, we headed to Richmond (still in the pouring rain!). We had a quick poke around Richmond and then headed to the Zoodoo Zoo. It was pretty basic and very much a spit and sawdust place, but the animals were well cared for and Little Miss had a good time patting wallabies and laughing at the antics of the Tassie devils. There were even some baby devils and some teeny, tiny monkeys with some even teenier babies! So cute!

I loved the fuzzy cygnets, the wooly camels and, of course, the stand off between the escaped donkey (who usually lives with the camels) and the rather grumpy zebras! I couldn't decide which one I liked the most, so you get all three.

We then walked up to North Hobart and back (about four kilometres) to the hotel (by the waterfront) with some supplies for dinner. 

An early night tonight. 

We're off to Bruny Island tomorrow.

Night all.


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