One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The sun always shines in Lockies

When I spotted Meles and DaveH on the East Pier, I was pretty sure that they were in the middle of a heated phone call to their travel agent in Leith who had flogged them a sun holiday... (exhibit A) 

As it happens, no dodgy was involved. One of Meles' colleagues happened to have a timeshare in a place in Killiney, following the sale of a family property in the area, which given the price of property in Dublin South's Belair would get you a timeshare for 12,375 years in Dalkey (and 1,700,650 years in Kilbarrack). 

A couple of very tasty pints of stout ensued (poured by the man Maurice himself, from the just-cold-tap, and not the knock-your-teeth-out-from-the-cold tap favoured by more recent, yet less likely to survive, establishments).

Thanks a mil to Kathleen (exhibit C) for the additional shot! (exhibit B) 

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