Quod oculus meus videt

By GrahamColling

Checking out the Bulb

My eyesight wasn't what it once was!  When I noticed the main and dipped beam on the car wasn't coming on at lunch time today it had me scrambling in the glove compartment for the owner's manual to see what needed to be done about bulb replacement.

When I got home I started to follow the instructions and then started wondering if I was doing it correctly.  Stopped and headed inside to go to the font of all knowledge (otherwise known as Google) and came across two videos on You Tube showing me how to remove the headlamp unit and access the bulb.  I'm impressed that people should actually make the effort to record this sort of information.

Anyway, got the bulb out of the headlamp unit and tried unsuccessfully to see whether the filament had blown.  Damn the onset of age related problems with close sight.  In the end it was easiest to grab the camera and use Live View to check.  Yep, definitely blown. Pity it isn't Tiny Tuesday today.

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