Migrant in Moscow

By Migrant

Red Eye to Red Hero

Beautiful soft clear light and rich colours after a heavy downfall this evening.  I like the way that yellow wagon adds a sense of immediacy to the image.

I am on my way back to Ulan Bator ('Ulan Bator' means 'Red Heroin Mongolian - named that way after the communist revolution in 1924).  It's a 'red eye' flight leaving at 19.00 and arriving at 02.00 body clock time but 07.00 real time. We had the anxiety of the fire alarm being set off by a passenger smoking in the toilet.  He was calmly sent back to his seat and then taken off the plane by the police on arrival in Ulan Bator.  Full marks to Aeroflot for their zero tolerance practice on this and the way they handled it.  Aeroflot have also stopped serving alcoholic drinks on these flights as so many people cannot handle that option in a civilised manner (we had a six hour delay out of Ulan Bator back in December as a flight had to turn back to offload some idiot who was drunk and aggressive).

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