Alexsandr Orlov Perhaps?

Or could it be baby Oleg?  He was quite tiny:-)  He is one of two meerkats in the Camperdown Animal Park in Dundee which I visited today with friend L.  It wasn't a very good day for seeing the animals, as most were sleeping or hiding in their enclosures, but we did see the brown bear which is the symbol of the park.

Prior to this we had visited the mcmanus museum (that's how they write it!) in the centre of Dundee to look at a couple of exhibitions.  One was of Line Drawings and showcased amazing talents in pencil and charcoal studies.  The other was the latest acquisition by the museum of a suite of spectacular paintings depicting the Antarctic by Scottish artist Frances Walker.  She won a travel award in 2007 and was able to visit the region and these paintings were the result.  If you get a chance to visit Dundee, do come and see them as they are breath-taking in their beauty:-)

So it was a day of culture, wildlife and good company - what's not to like?

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