These are af few of my favourite things...

I left home at 8 am and came back at 9 pm.

Our first stop was in Hvalsø, where Gollum had his Rally Obedience Class in the dog club. Ex-it and Biscuit came too, but Hero waited in the car as he gets desperate, when he sees me work with another dog.

After Gollum's training it was Hero's turn. Biscuit got to do a little bit too - his first training since he was poorly. He was very excited about it. 

I took all 4 dogs for a walk in the park before we left Hvalsø and continued towards Hillerød, where my sister lives. 

We arrived to Hillerød a little early and my nephews had not returned from their football practise yet, so I took the dogs for another walk and it was perfectly timed as we came back just as my sister and nephews came home. 

My nephews were excited to see Ex-it as they remember her from when she was 7 weeks old and they went to see the puppies. They often ask how she is doing. 

We had lunch and coffee and then we went for another walk. My nephews searched for Pokemons, I tried to do the same, but 4 dogs were enough to keep order of, so my sister ended with my phone :-)

A wonderful day with my family and dogs - my absolute favourite things :-)

Happy weekend
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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