Today didn't go at all quite to plan! The idea was to go in to the bank and the music shop in Berwick, do some supermarket shopping and then to go down to Seahouses. However, due to our inability to get going, the desire to savour a Saturday-morning cup of coffee or two, and the fact that a 'quick' dog walk with Louie is anything but quick these days, we started out much later than intended. No time to go to Berwick, so MrM drove us straight to Seahouses to watch the 'Slightly Notorious Ebor Morris' men dance. They're on their annual 'tour of Seahouses and Low Newton Northumberland'.

With impeccable timing, we arrived just as the dancers were heading to the Ship Inn for refreshment. Never mind, Morris dancing is always better after they've had a drink, so we took the opportunity to take Louie on to the beach for a short while. Then we enjoyed some dancing for half an hour before we had to get back home, as MrM had a commitment in the early afternoon. Good to see some dancing, if only for a short while.

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