Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Sunset at New Barns

After last night's glorious skies, I was hopeful for something good tonight. But there was too little cloud to pick up the colour, so here is the last glimpse of the sun with the obligatory solitary gull in the water.

We walked down to New Barn's Bay this evening, the saltmarsh in Arnside is now very chewed up and there are diggers and other equipment littering the foreshore as United Utilities are installing the new and improved system for dealing with the waste water from the village. It's becoming quite a challenge to get a photo without some evidence of the work: which is probably good as I am exploring a bit further afield for sunsets.

I have backblipped the last two days. My blips in June and July had become so infrequent I was beginning to think I wouldn't reach 730 until sometime in 2013, so I shall be trying a bit harder to see if I can get there before the winter. I have quite a back catalogue of unblipped photographs I can use if I ever find the time. We shall see.

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