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My husband is a big fan of William Shakespeare, and has performed many of his characters in the days when he was a professional actor.
Several lifetimes later, the love of theatre and film has stayed with him and the Star Wars films are an enduring favourite of his, and each new release is eagerly awaited and anticipated.
So, imagine my delight when, on a trip to Stratford-Upon-Avon I came across the William Shakespeare Star Wars Trilogy.  This wonderful box set comprises ‘Verily, A New Hope’,’ The Empire Striketh Back’ and The Jedi Doth Return'.  There is even a colour poster illustrating the production’s complete cast and company.
To give you a flavour, this extract is the opening of ‘Verily, A New Hope’:
Scene 1, aboard the rebel ship...enter C-3PO and R2D2
C- 3PO “Now is the summer of our happiness
Made winter by this sudden, fierce attack!
Our Ship is under siege, I know not how.
O hast thou heard?  The main reactor fails!
We shall most surely be destoy’d by this.
I’ll warrant madness lies herein”
May the verse be with you!

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting this month’s Mono Monday challenge.

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