Bus Tour

Monday morning arrived too quickly, and we had a weary camper to deal with.  To be honest he wasn’t as tired as he might have been, but he took things slowly which meant we were running late.  Work was work.  I had planned a wander at lunchtime, but didn’t make it away from my desk, but thankfully today was less pressured than the last couple of weeks have been.

I went out for a walk tonight to make up for sitting down all day.  It was quite nice, wandering round town in the dark.  I came home and watched Cold Feet, and I am now off to read my book – well BB’s school reading book actually, as I have missed a lot of the story and want to understand what is going on.

I was blipless until I left the office, but I spotted this parked across the road from my bus stop, outside Old Calton Burial Ground..



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