Leo gobbled these down so they must be rather tasty, even though they look rather off putting.

It was a wet old day. I had the day off to take mum to her eye appointment at the hospital - all good. We ended up being there for 2 hours but that is very good, given previous experiences when we have spent twice as long hanging around.

We popped into Exeter after that but didn't hang around as it was wet and windy. We picked up these fingers and a few other Halloween goodies for Leo then headed to Dart's Farm for a nice lunch.

It was footie practice night and the rain mostly stopped for that - thankfully there is a bit of shelter there now so you can avoid getting soaked through. Then I had bellringing practice. Uffculme Tower joined us so we had enough people to ring all 10 bells which was good fun.

Ian is off to Henley for the rest of the week for a training course. He'll be working at it 9am to 9pm so it is not much of a jolly!

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