It's Appleblossom Time!

So lovely seeing the spring flowers coming out. It's been a chilly, claggy grey day, with rain all morning, but it's not stopping the flowers. I thought I'd join in with Tiny Tuesday - it's been an age since I did that. Thanks everyone who's been keeping it going.

I've had the builders back here today, starting to catch up on the jobs that weren't able to be completed before I went to Australia, nearly 2 months ago now. I've now got re-laquered door fronts and drawer fronts in my bedroom, which is a welcome change from having everything in there in full view. Also, the contractor managed to get my TV & DVD system going - it's 2 years & 4 months since it was last turned on. No problems, went like a charm.

We were so lucky with our weather in the desert area in Central Australia. There've been bad floods since we were there, which would have made travel and camping difficult for us. It's looking as though Lake Eyre might fill, which would be a fabulous opportunity to see bird life.

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