More Planning meetings

23rd September 2016:

The planning meetings continue in the Rhumpi area.

Alfred reports:
Hi Boss
It was another good day when we had several meetings in different places in Rumphi. To people in Rumphi, it's like a dream come true. They have been requesting to different organisations even the Government but more areas have no safe water, but no one has helped. Many thanks to W4Z, now they feel that they are rescued from different diseases because of using unsafe water sources. W4Z has reached over 50 Village Heads in the district. All Village Heads have requested for more than 5 Wells per Village Head. As of now 7 Wells are fully constructed and expected to be installed next week. For the first time we will have a special launch after completion of pump installation. Some people who are expected to grace the occasion is the paramount chief for all Tumbuka people and the ward councellor. More dances and speeches are expected. For sure, it will be a big day. 

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