Tiny Tuesday Feather

As I was out trolling for tiny bugs, I came across this very small feather.  It was far from perfect, but I brought it in the house anyway and shot it on my iPad.  There you go…a  Tiny Tuesday Blip.  I am feeling a tad guilty that I didn’t put just a little more effort into it and it shows, but I didn’t have a lot of time and there was quite a bit going on here.

I met a friend for coffee this afternoon and when I was returning home, I was passed by at least three unmarked police cars with their sirens blaring.  This is a very unusual sight in our area.  When I went out into the yard to look for a blip, I heard and saw two helicopters hovering above.  This went on for quite a while and unnerved me a bit so I went inside.  It turns out that a car was hijacked earlier in the next town and was spotted not far from here.  While trying to evade the police, it was involved in an accident and ran off the road. The hijacker (who had a gun, of course) ran off and broke into a house where he was holed up.  I didn’t know any of the details until I got to my book club meeting this evening at a nearby restaurant.  At that time the two local schools were still on lock-down, with the kids remaining there.  The neighborhood next to ours was also locked down and no one could go in or out.  I was really unnerved coming home from book club around 9:30, as my husband had gone to a ball game.  I quickly went online and much to my relief I  found out that the person had surrendered to the police at about 8:30 pm.   Full story here:  http://www.fox5dc.com/news/local-news/208157315-story   

Many thanks to Dbifulco for her superb hosting of Tiny Tuesday during the month of September.  October will be hosted by Jensphotos.  We are looking for a host for November and future months.  If you are willing to do a month or even a couple of weeks, please let me or Jen know. 

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