Au Revoir .......

To The Prune Barn,
To The Lot-et-Garonne, France
To sunny days and star studded nights,
To a fabulous holiday and,
Most of all,
Au Revoir and a huge thank you to our very dear friends in whose company we have  delighted and who have looked after us magnificently over the last week. 

We had an early start again for our journey home which gave me an excuse for an early morning sky blip and we had a  quiet and peaceful journey to Bergerac through wonderful rolling countryside and pretty villages, but back to reality with a bump at the airport as yet another  security issue on my part ensued, and this time a little more time consuming and more than a little worrying -   My Forensic Scientist daughter has offered some assurance by saying that perhaps my heart medication could be the root of the problem and maybe interferes with the equipment - but I'm now neurotic and am fast coming to the conclusion that airport security  just doesn't like me??!!

But I'm glad to say that Security did release me in time for our flight and we're home on terra firma now and normal internet service is resumed so I'll be making sure to catch up with you all again very soon, but right now the  ZZzzzzzs are calling ......

I've added a couple more Backblips if you would care to have a peek:
Mother and Child Reunion
Autumn Delights, and
The Impressionist.

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