Dying villages

Got a tip off this morning that Bavarian TV was showing a documentary this evening in which Farmer Andreas was one of the participants.

So thought I would try to find an appropriate Blip after the dog walk and spotted the two empty houses in our neighbouring village "Frechenrieden". The two houses are next to each other, the larger one a typical small farm, one third of the house for living, two thirds for the cows. The other much smaller property possibly owned by a craftsman of some sort or maybe for a farm worker.

Villages in this part of the world and I think in places like Spain, Portugal and Italy are somewhat different to most in the UK. Most farms are directly in the villages and thus there is usually something going on all day. Just as I finished taking the photos, a friend who used to live in our village came by pushing her youngest in a pram, on her way to collect her eldest from the kindergarten just down the road and she reckoned the properties had found new owners but there were problems of one sort or another about starting to do them up.

As it turned out, the TV programme was postponed due to the tributes being paid to Shimon Peres who died today - and rightly too, a very brave man who managed to make a positive difference in an area so torn by hate and prejudice.

So my thoughts on village life will have to wait for another day - I can hear the huge "PHEW" going up,,,,,

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