a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Motor Cycle Ops

Abstract Thursday: Motor Cycle Ops

I had planned lots of time to sort out this evening's abstract blip, but ended up spending much of it discussing important family things with Dad on the phone.  Families can sometimes provide us with all sorts of challenges that we would really rather do without ...

So the blip you are getting is not what I was originally intending at all.  I am not sure whether it really qualifies for youoregon1's challenge of "Big & Small, Scales of Perception, Optical Illusions", I suspect that it doesn't really, but it wasn't half fun to do, and once I had the idea of cyclops motorcycle helmet, I just had to deliver it :-)

Anyway, I do hope that this makes you smile and doesn't give you nightmares, it wasn't intended to but now that I think about it, it is more than a little shockingly surreal....

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