By CBLinks

Picturesque Aberdeenshire

After two very busy days out on the road we had a quiet and leisurely start to the morning. Eventually SweetArt, Mrs CBL and I headed over to Mintlaw to meet Charlie17 for lunch at the Saplinbrae Hotel.

Before dining we had a short walk at Pitfour Lake (see added extra) where the autumnal tints were beginning to show their true colours.

After a very tasty and convivial lunch we drove up north to see a few of Aberdeenshire's picturesque coastal villages. Our first stop was at Gardenstown (known locally as Gamrie!) where we parted company with Charlie. It was a delight to have shared time with him and for SweetArt and him to have a blipmeet.

The next port of call was Crovie (known locally as Crivvie!) a small village which has just a very narrow, single street running along the shoreline (main image). Than we visited Pennan (known locally as Pennan!!) which features in the film 'LocalHero' and stopped at the famous (if you know the film) red phone box.

On the way back home we stopped at Strichen Lake for a wee look. This is from where Charlie and I have blipped images many a time. We had a relaxing evening which included watching a programme about the 'Outlander' stories/books (favourites of SweetArt's) on BBC Alba (Scotland's Gaelic Television Channel) which fortunately had subtitles! A final, if unexpected, treat for SweetArt with which to end another lovely day.

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