Eat, smoke, love, meow.

By Meowsers

Day Five.

This is a shot taken at the old closed down/abandoned mental hospital in Prudhoe, it is unbeliebably creepy. See one of the other shots on my other journal, same date entry as this one. It's awfully scary there. This is Holly standing in ront of a smashed up summer house from the childrens wards. Alot of children died there, and all the windows are boarded with metal grills and rust. Proper terrifying seriously.

So. I miss her insanely, though she texted me the other night saying she wouldn't forget me, that she misses me, and that she loves me. So I felt super happy for a good two hours, hugging my pillow with her shirt on it, wishing she was here.

It's only 11 days now! 10 tomorrow! Soon enough it won't be unbearable, and she's going to be home in my arms, she said she's gone engagement shoppping for me! She also said before she went that she got all her spare change from over the years changed by the bank, and it ended up as fifty pounds! Then I asked what she'd spend it on, and she said 'You of course? Who else!' so I kissed her and snuggled up with her for the last hour we had together before I had to leave her for 18 days.

Aw she's honestly beyond perfect. I can't wait to see her, it makes me so happy to think it's not so long anymore, and soon enough I'll be giving her the huge book i've made her, and the cute underwear with 'I love you' written all over them in script. I'll make her wear them then take a photo of her looking cute in her new knickers for you all to 'Aw' at. She's so small, I love her. Hehe.

Thinking about her makes things less shit, When I get sad, I write in the book and put in photographs and drawings and it makes me smile lots knowing she'll read it and feel so happy, I read the letter she wrote every night before I sleep, it makes me feel whole, when she can't be here to do so.


"Hey baby!! I'm not going
to forget you. I miss you,
and I love you, so so much.

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