By Similarinterest

Mental Hospitality.

This is the fountain in the old abandoned mental hospital. It's fucking creepy there. I miss Batman, she'd have loved exploring with us, and plus, she's beautiful, she'd have made for some badass shots because she knows how to pose for me. Aw. Bless her.


Straight jacket,
"stop that racket!"
Tie them down,
in this ghost town.

Empty corridors,
are boarded with iron rails.
Rust creeps in through
dampened insulation.
Upturned benches, chairs,
upturned sanity.
Though the ground is no longer
you can feel the footsteps
behind you, and the
whispers of the children
who died, tied in knots by their
Barricades can't keep us out,
of their world,
a lack of serenity,
hearts pound as a door slams.
They say it's empty, safe,
But that's just their
mental, hospitality.

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