Arnside and beyond

By gladders

Sunset and sea

It had been a day at sea heading north and then north west towards the Faroe Islands.  Wifie and I were the only two people on the foredeck as the sun was setting, and a single fulmar was keeping us company with its repeated circuits out into the sunset and back along the length of the boat. Fulmars were to be an ever-present feature of this voyage, effortless in their flight with only the occasional wing beat.

Looking back on this now, three months later, it was the day when our lives in the UK and Europe were to be changed irrevocably as millions of our fellow citizens cast their votes.  We had voted by postal ballot a week earlier, and it was good to be away from the incessant chatter about the referendum which had dominated the news for months.  Even on the boat, however, we weren't able to avoid the news that greeted us the following morning.

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