Went to the Co-op this afternoon.  My route took me through the allotments.  I like cutting through there as its nice and quiet and away from the traffic.  I am always fascinated by the different doors the allotment holders use at the entrances to their plots so I started taking shots.  These 6 are a small selection. They range from  proper front doors to some which are obviously home made from scrap wood or corrugated iron.

When I got back from shopping it was time to switch the radio on and listen to the match.  Newcastle were away at Rotherham.  It was a scrappy match with not much to praise -  but Newcastle won 1 - 0  so that was the main thing.

While listening to the match I did some cooking.  Made savoury mince to eat tomorrow and Monday.  Made a big pan of vegetable soup for lunches.  And prawn fried rice for my tea this evening. Just having an evening watching TV  - Strictly and X Factor.

Steps today - 7,201

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