Emergency Cider

I felt pretty weird most of the day today - sort of hyper and restless. I can only put it down to the roller coaster rugby match I watched on TV last night. the tensest game I have watched in ages! Wigan won in the end, and after what has been a pretty lacklustre season, find themselves in the Grand Final, and 80 minutes away from being crowned champions!

Anyhow, every time I went out today I forgot my camera. I meant to take it to work and forgot then too!

If I had remembered I would have got a shot of the people at a birthday party in the pub opposite, dressed in 1940's attire. We catered for the party - meals for 30 people! It was a very busy night even without the party, we ran like dogs all night! Just two of us!

We went into the pub after work for a quick drink. I didn't stay long as I was exhausted and knew I still had to get a Blip!

This cider is my emergency Blip for today, and also to revive me!

Today is a special day too, because it is 28 years today since my lovely eldest son Zeph arrived in the World!

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