A peaceful spot

It's been a good day today and I should have gone out, but my hip is playing up so I dealt with some blackberries this morning, mixing some with gin and sugar to start the process of making bramble liqueur. I boiled up another batch with sugar and reduced the liquid a little to make some bramble sauce and left it to cool down.

After lunch I took the car along to Pennyfuir cemetery, just a very short distance north of Oban. It's a quiet and beautiful spot on a sunny day, with lovely views, certainly if one is still above ground! I know I've Blipped Pennyfuir before, but it bears repeating, I think.

When I came home my bramble sauce was cool but rather too runny, so I turned on the gas to boil it down a little and came through to upload my Blip. The next thing I knew was a horrendous smell and I rushed through to the kitchen to find it dark with smoke. Needless to say, my bramble sauce was just a pan full of charcoal in a probably ruined saucepan! What a waste of time, brambles, sugar and a (cheap) saucepan! And yes, you've guessed, I was at home alone!

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