Mono Monday - Roots

No doubting this girl's roots! Check out the muscles!

Second in the Woodlands Division Athletics Carnival in shot put. A whopping 8.7m. The winner 'putted' 8.8m. Next stop the Northern Metro Regional comp. We're so proud of her. Full of a cold and still 'putting' an amazing distance.

Mr B indulged my rather silly Blip habit by flexing, even though he's not feeling 100% either! 

Cousteau had some good news today too. His latest bloods have come back and the results are excellent. One of his tests has come back at normal levels and the other is at 200 (it should be sub 100) and is down from 1000 a few weeks' ago. He's on the mend! :-)

So, back to this 'roots' thing. Little Miss' Nana trained with Dawn Fraser back in her day (Dawn's a swimming legend in Oz) and Mr B was a keen swimmer and gymnast in his younger years. They are a naturally athletic bunch, these guys. Me? Not so much!

I'll leave you with my resident clowns.

Night all.


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