The second half of life..

By twigs


Have new (light, easy-to-use, reliable!) tripod, will play.

After quite a few hours of gardening it was lovely to wind the day up with some photographic play.  This is my first more serious attempt at focus stacking and is made up of 23 separate images (don't be misled by the metadata claiming it's shot at f2.8!) Focussing was done manually so the distance between frames isn't constant.  Not sure how much of if this affects the final outcome.

The final image has been tweaked just a little - removing some ghosting from a couple of edges - but otherwise is pretty much just as it was produced.

Oh - and the software of choice was Helicon Focus, courtesy of their 30-day free trial :)

And tomorrow Dan D Lion may well be mown!  Still plentry more to do in the garden but it's definitely looking heaps better, more loved and ready for a spring-time planting spree.  I'm saving the pleasure of the shopping until the garden is incentive to work hard!

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