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By Chamaeleo

Menorca Day 12: Sa Peixeteria de Mahón

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We went to Mahón to visit the Museu de Menorca and L'església de Sant Francesc de Mao next door (after having thoroughly enjoyed the museum last year). The church's interior was rather unexpected, although it seemed pretty traditional from most angles. The museum's permanent collections weren't on display, but there were some temporary exhibitions which (although making for a slightly patchy visit) were interesting and enjoyable. Both form a single building (the museum is housed in the monastery that was attached to the church), and both stand proudly above the end of the harbour, offering rather fun views down over the marina, the fishmen arguing over their nets, and the commercial harbour.

We then tried the updated fish market for lunch: half remains a traditional fish market, and half has been converted into a venue housing wine bars, cervecerias, and tapas stalls, which is terribly un-Menorquin (tapas was never previously a thing on the island, amongst other reasons), but it is a rather wonderful addition and we had excellent food and drink, and felt as though we were in Madrid. I also enjoyed people-watching (and photographing).

I was super-excited to spot a hummingbird hawk-moth in the garden in the afternoon (see if you can spot it), and got a few photos of it in flight, enjoying the thrum of its wings and the flashes of orange from its hindwings. I also liked its curly proboscis. There were also adorable little long-tailed blue butterflies flitting about, which seem rather subtle in the dark, but have amazing iridescence when the light catches their scales. 

Oh, I bet not leave out the cactus, 'cause it can be prickly...

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