Last night, we went out for an MMT.  I'd been given the generous gift of dinner at Rudding Park from someone I did some work for.  I did tell Rich it wasn't on me!  The food was divine and we had a thoroughly enjoyable evening (my Four Weddings & a Funeral dress has had its fourth celebratory outing!)  

Today, it's been hectic in a good way.  I was at the top of the moors by 7.30 hoping I'd get high enough to get out of the fog but the blue sky was still way above my head.  It was lovely though in its atmospheric shroud.

By 9.30, I was at physio and 10.30, having coffee with Liz in Ilkley.  I managed breakfast at lunchtime and now wondering if I'll make it without more food before the end of tutoring.  Not really enough time now to stock up.

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