When the going gets weird

By Slybacon

Citizen of the World

I mentioned yesterday that my news habit tends to make me grumpy and irritable. I wrote that before I waded through the day's news from the Conservative party conference. These people are not, much as I might like to call them that, idiots. They know full well that they are playing with fire. But they also know they're privileged enough to not have to deal with the direct consequences.

What made me particularly sick, is the Graunidad described May's conference speech as a bid to 'Occupy the Centre Ground'??? When did nasty right wing nationalistic nonsense like this become the centre ground? Nobody voted for this.

As I walked up and down Rye Lane yesterday, I took comfort in its multiculturalism. But if things carry on like this how long can that last?

'If you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere' 

If the choice is a Dis-United Kingdom that blames its woes on the weak instead of the powerful, then I'd rather be a citizen of nowhere thanks.

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