....along the Kaiapoi River.

It was raining when we left home, the day improved slightly as rain subsided but it remained cold and windy, unpredictable spring weather.

It was our day to visit R who was pleased to see us. His eyes lit up and we got a huge smile. He was difficult to understand, mumbling and getting muddled but enjoyed seeing my aunt.

Some mall shopping and lunching was had after our visit before heading out to Kaiapoi for our usual grocery shop. The riverbank isn't quite so accessible at present with a new wharf soon to be constructed and much work being done on the banks. There were some hardy souls whitebaiting, rather them than me.

Damaged houses caused by the earthquakes in Kaiapoi have now been demolished, today we see many vacant sections with flowering camellia's from gardens that once were. Roads are still very much up and down, it's unbelievable the devastation caused on such a large scale.

A thoughtful Wednesday.......

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