Electric Light At Rye House Power Station

I shot a house spider for #Arachtober this morning and got a ladybird on pretty, turning, dogwood leaves when I took Jazzy for a run round.

My dear old mate met me for a lovely swim this afternoon. When we came out of the pool it was raining. I told him I'd have to blip my ladybird. He said he hoped it wasn't a harlequin. I assured him it wasn't but when I looked on screen that's what it turned out to be. :( I did not want to give the Asian interloper, also known as the pumpkin or Halloween ladybird, the oxygen of publicity. It is responsible for the decline of seven of our native species. I took my kit with me to M&S hoping that I might spot something else to blip.

It was raining slightly as I came out of M&S but the light was gorgeous against a dark sky. I made a detour at Rye House and captured the power station chimneys catching the golden hour rays.  


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