Apples and Oranges

By Anitsirk

My classroom on Fridays. I knew I was loosing one of my students for maternity leave, and that I possibly was loosing one more to another class. I also knew that I was going to get two new students. So, I thought I would have two new and two that were still in my class since before... I got four new and one from before, so there were a bit of confusion before I could close the door and begin teaching. :D I really need to be flexible and go with the flow. We started again with texts and the practice book. My old student got some repetition, but I think that's good for him. And, the best part... we had a lot of fun! My students are from Syria, Afghanistan and Iran. They are such wonderful people! :)
On the board it says: I will take them after class. You will get them next week/ lesson. I want you to practice the text we read today.

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