By PhilattheBeach

Hurricane Update

Well first the good news. The hurricane hit here overnight and we never lost power through the morning. Most of the heavy rain subsided by early afternoon. We never flooded and (so far anyway) no trees came down.
Now the bad news. After the rain moved through, intense hurricane force winds came blasting in behind the rain.
We lost power a bit after 3pm with no sign in sight of getting it back anytime soon.
About an hour ago we started hearing loud banging on the side of the house. That was the siding being blown off the house. We also lost three shutters and some roof shingles and Lord knows what else.
How those trees are still standing I have no idea, they are being blown about like wildflowers.
No power means no hot food but I do have cold beer. But no TV or internet, I'm doing this on the phone.
These two pics are screen grabs off the TV weather back when we had power. Both show the Marshwalk at the inlet and portions of Goat Island where we have taken so many blips.
Normally we are there on a Sat. night but not tonight.
Oh also it appears our area beaches have had two or more piers wash away.
I want my TV back!
This started out not being too bad but turned awful. 
Well, there is that cold beer. :-)
More tomorrow.

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