Still Standing

Overall we got lucky in our Hurricane Mathew experience, and today turned into a beautiful day, what a difference 24 hours makes.
We didn't flood, none of our windows busted out, and we didn't have any trees come down. 
We did lose power for what ended up to be around 12 hours so that wasn't so bad, especially considering that many still have no power and might not get it back for days.
There was some damage to our home but nothing major and it can be fixed.
Watching and listening to hurricane force winds last night was tense to say the least.
Main photo is Garden City Beach Pier which is still standing. Just north, Surfside Beach Pier suffered significant damage and just north of that, Springmaid Pier in Myrtle Beach was totally destroyed.
We went over to check out GC Pier and got there just before police stopped all from accessing the beach area. The beach road was impassible.
The worst news we received this morning was that The Marshwalk at the inlet was "gone". We were devastated, we are there 2-3 times a week and probably 25% of my blips are taken there. So we had to rush over and discovered that it wasn't true. There is indeed damage but The Marshwalk is also still standing! Extra shows one portion and how it looked this afternoon. 
So things could certainly have gone worse for us, but sadly there are many who did not fare well.
Thanks to all for your kind words and support these past few days it was greatly appreciated.

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