Meanwhile... At The Marshwalk

Workers were beavering away at The Marshwalk at the inlet this afternoon, mostly clearing away some floating boat docks that got all busted up by the hurricane.
Great news is that it's still there, even the little Mullet Hut bar that we heard was wiped away is in fact alive and in full clean up mode.
Extra shows Goat Island (minus the goats of course) with a helicopter flying over the shoreline and scattering the birds.

ETA: we still have not found out anything about the peacocks that lived on Goat Island. There were five of them and they were still there last Wed. when the goats were taken off.
Not sure about the fate of the peacocks.

Plus, still no official word of how all the wildlife including the alligators made out. That entire marsh area where we go to take wildlife pictures has been closed off since last Wed. and likely won't be accessible until possibly Thur. Blah :-(

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