Marshwalk Goat Island and Goats Update!

We went back over to The Marshwalk this afternoon and it looks like pretty much all restaurants and bars are back up and open for business!
The major damage seemed to be mostly the floating docks that the boaters use to tie up to when visiting one of the restaurants. There are also several trees down on sections of Goat Island and I believe the island lost some real estate due storm surge erosion.
There is other damage as well but the good news is the majority of the place is still there and still in business!
So... I also saw Bubba who looks after the goats and he says they will indeed bring them back likely within the next day or two. This is great as so many look for them and feel affection for the big guys (and girls).
The main photo here shows a blue heron sunning himself on Goat Island.
I also thought you might enjoy seeing what a portion of The Marshwalk looks like from another angle, so we walked out onto the walkway that extends east across the inlet and where you can turn and look back toward The Marshwalk. Not all of it is in view but this is a decent idea of how it looks. A section of Goat Island is visible on the right and there is a kayaker out there too.
Our main spot where we hang out is in about the center area of that first extra.
In the second extra you can see a closer more detailed view of 'our spot'. It's about where the guy with the red shirt is walking and The Mullet Hut can be seen in the background. 
We might try to go over in the morning to see if we can possibly be there when they bring the goats back. If not, maybe try Thur.
So things there are looking up a bit.

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