Cocklawburn beach

After a late night, it was a very late start this morning - didn't come to until after 9.30am! Even then, strong coffee was required to spur us into action!

The colder weather has made us think about winter clothing, and as our winter jackets are over 6 years old and no longer as waterproof or as warm as they once were, the decision was made to look for replacements. So we set off for the outdoor shop in Berwick, where MrM found a jacket he liked and made a purchase. (Nothing suitable to fit me though, so I shall continue searching. I did, however, buy a rather nice jumper... .) But first, a walk on Cocklawburn beach - it was amazingly warm (the car thermometer said 17deg) and gloriously sunny.

Before returning home, we also bought a few more DIY essentials - I'm absolutely determined that the bathroom will be finished before the end of October! 

MrM did some tiling in the aforementioned bathroom while I cooked a meal, then we actually had time to slump in front of the TV with a glass or two of red this evening...

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