More tulips

More tulips to brighten up these dark days. It's ever so hard to stay optimistic when you see the mess all around the word and the bad news just keeps piling up, only today came the message the Great Barrier Reef is dead/dying, how can we have let it come so far. I'm afraid these tulips, where they come from and how they were brought to Belgium, are not helping the environment either, but as they've been picked and transported already maybe their colours will at least give some temporary joy and comfort. Sorry for being so maudlin, we live in strange times, I can't even call them 'interesting'

For FlowerFriday with thanks to BikerBear who's been organising this challenge so that our Blip Fridays always are full of the beauty of flowers.

Thanks very much for your comments and stars for yesterday's tulips abstract, so glad you liked that.

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