Protein breakfast

It's been ages since I posted a food Blip, at least it feels like it's been ages. I'm on a diet (what else is new!) because I really need to take the weight of my knees and feet. I'm trying to follow a Dutch diet plan of healthy food without any extra sugar or other refined carbohydrates and very little of any other carbohydrates. Two sisters calling themselves Foodsisters have designed it. Lots of vegetables and fruit, low fat dairy and lean meat and seafood. Been doing it for almost two weeks and well on the way to lose kilos. This was my breakfast this morning, two high fibre rye crackers and scrambled egg with avocado and tomato, I sneaked in a mushroom and a very small bit of prosciutto.
Nice !

Thank you so much for the lovely comments, stars and faves for yesterday's tulips, they're heading towards page 2 of Popular thanks to you ! I never would have thought !

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