One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Shite in a bag

Jim was so impressed with Barky's offering today that he thought better than to live it behind, in danger of being gradually dissolved by the rain. 
He bagged it. 
But rather than bin it, or dump it in a bush or in a gutter, he opted to leave it at head's height for the walkers of the Metals to admire. 
Thank you Jim. It is indeed a thing of beauty. If there was a nobel prize for doggy turds, Barky would be humming a Bob Dylan tune right now, on his way back from the awards ceremony. 
And the non-biodegradable bag means that we will get a chance to admire this chef d'oeuvre for weeks to come. 

It's not really my ninth year of blipping. I've got a couple of backblips in there (including the infamous Atacama desert arse blip). I've only been at it for eight and a half years. Collecting my daily blips, and bagging them for all to see. The fact that the kids are getting more and more interested in reading blips from a few years ago is the proof that I indeed have not been wasting my time investing so much time, and love, and cynicism, in this online venture. 
I'm definitely renewing my membership. 
As soon as the wire from the Mistake Factory gets through.  

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