In An Instant

By MrRosewarne


Spent most of the day in the office today with our IT guys as we are having new computers installed. There always seems to be issues whenever hardware is changed, some incompatibilities, server issues etc. etc. so there is still more work to do tomorrow to get everything back up and running as it should be. Fingers crossed.

At lunchtime I went for a walk in the city and came across this fella Gnarnayarrahe and his wife Karen, he is a singer, performer and storyteller, telling dreamtime stories to the kids (both small & big). He played his didge, guitar, sang songs and told stories which I find fascinating. I asked him if he would mind me taking his photo, to which he kindly replies "You will have to ask my wife". She was also very nice and didn't mind at all. I jotted down his name as they would be no way that I would ever remember it otherwise and took Karen's email address so that I can send them copies of the shots.

Here, here is being a kangaroo, while telling one of his animal stories.

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