Dutch Skies

By ronbuist

Ossenmarkt Parking

To continue with the abstractness of the last couple of days I'm showing you a view inside the Ossenmarkt parking in Groningen. It's a remarkable parking, with two spiral-shaped driving lanes; the outer lane going down and the inner lane going up. From the inner lane there'a a nice view looking down and that's what you are seeing here.

We were in Groningen to shop for clothes for the girls. Pants, shirts, dresses, sweaters and winter coats: a ridiculous amount of money was spent. But the girls did need some new clothes and we had a lot of fun. For Martine the fun continues as she is going to the casino with her sister. For the girls the fun will continue as well as they are all going to sleep together in Nienke's room tonight. Let's see if it's going to be a quiet night for me then.

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