The master at work

When there was a fog forecasted for tonight and early morning, I just knew I had to get out for photography. My initial plan was to go to Drenthe, but Herman persuaded me to go to Bakkeveen in Frisia. Actually, I didn't need that much persuasion: as soon as Herman suggested the location, I knew it was a better idea. When I drove to Zuidhorn to pick up Herman, it was really foggy but that was OK for our plans. After a careful drive to Bakkeveen we started shooting. The atmosphere was surreal: no wind and sounds carrying for miles because of the mist. We heard the screeching of owls, the pecking of woodpeckers and lots of sounds we didn't recognize. As the morning progressed, we witnessed the changing of the light and we continued shooting until well after sunrise. Well worth getting out early for I'd say! In this image you can see Herman checking out the scene. Be sure to check the extras as well!

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