A quiet day at home catching up with tidying and cleaning. Unfortunately Pete paid the price for his day at Wicken, and late last night the vertigo returned with a vengeance, forcing him to spend the day lying very still in bed. He seems to be improving this evening, and hopefully he'll be up and around tomorrow.

I sneaked into the garden while our evening meal was cooking, and came across this rather pretty hoverfly, sitting on a rain spangled leaf. As my expert is incapacitated, I've tried to identify it using a book. I'm pretty sure it's a species of Sphaerophoria, probably Sphaerophoria scripta which is very common in late summer, particularly favouring areas of dry grassland (though I'm not sure where it might find that this year!)

I have back-blipped the last couple of days:


Konik's ponies

If you want to see more of the Konik's ponies you can find them on my Flickr account starting here.

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