By sebrose

Not needle, nor hay

I finally asked them to turn the music down at 4 in the morning. There were very few people still up. By 10 pretty much everyone had gone and those that were left weren't good for much. I got them to collect litter while I stacked the straw into a pile.

Angus took a nap and when he woke couldn't find his phone. Or remember where he last saw it. I know that feeling.

The battery was still good, because I could call the phone, but we couldn't hear it buzzing in the house... or the bothy .... or the hut. So, I rang it constantly as I walked back from the hut and finally heard buzzing as I passed the straw. A little digging and there it was - a little more scratched and broken, but still functional.

Still missing: 2 wallets and my hi-viz work jacket.

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