The office at Home & tense movies

I completed my third (and final) day of work this week with a 2 hour online meeting, 3 hours of follow up work after the meeting, and then another really positive onlinemeeting, at which I learned a lot about Kaltura (a sort of university youtube), my specialist area.  As you can see we have a fairly nice view from our home office.
This evening it was film studio and we saw a Danish film, "Land of Mine" which was an excellent film but I'm not sure I'd recommend it to anyone. It was not a "feel good" film, more a "feel very very tense" film from beginning to end. If I say that the film poster is a skull, formed from a wordle involving words like Detonate, Disarming, Tripwire, Shrapnel, Boobytrap,  and S-mine I think you'll get the idea! That it is historically correct and half of the German prisoners who were forced to clear these mines died or were very seriously injured does not help matters.
So now it is off to watch TV to try and forget the film before it's time for sleep.  Tomorrow I am back to being retired!

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