Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Durban view

Our last day in Durban - it was quite warm today but still blowing like anything, I think the winds got up to 40km per hour after lunch. We went in to see my mum this morning, and I must say she seemed quite cheerful and was even joking a bit with the nurses. I cannot believe the difference in her from when we visited her two weeks ago, I think our visit and spending time with her family has had an incredibly positive effect on her health - as the advert for master card says, this benefit has been priceless - for us it has been worth every penny of the cost of the trip to get here.

We went off and had lunch and met my sister (who took a half day off work) and then all of us went back to see my mum. She kept forgetting when we were leaving so was very sad to hear we were leaving this evening. We had another chat with the clinic sister and she said she cannot believe how much my mother has improved and she was going to encourage her to do more and to get out of bed if possible. The fact is she is a terminally ill patient and who knows when the situation can and will change again. My sister got the forms off to hospice and reading through the doctors report was quite upsetting, to see her diagnosis and just how ill she is with her indicators and markers being way off the chart of where they should be. 

This is a view of Durban taken from the one end of the north beaches - we stopped off for a photo when we went to see my mum this morning. By the time we left it was cloudy and quite hazy and that blue sky had disappeared.

We are now about to board our plane to Johannesburg where we are staying for a day and a bit - we will see Gavin's mother and also my brother there. It will be interesting to see Johannesburg again as we have not been there for about 12 years, and I am sure it has changed quite a bit. We certainly won't be visiting Gavin's old university which is currently like a war zone due to student riots, with the burning of buses and other idiotic things as the students riot on behalf of their 'fees must fall' campaign. They are wanting a free university education but in the interim have already caused $35 million worth of damage and are preventing those who wish to study to do so - in fact they may lose an academic year as the university has closed and they cannot write their exams.

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