By NeilBarr

Fire on Rannoch Moor

One of those blink and you'll miss it sunsets. Was driving to Glen Coe to take a couple of guys on a workshop the next day, up a mountain. Wanted to get there the night before for the 5.30am start and sleep in the van. Left a bit late as I was dealing with (in the words of the estate agent) "petty and daft" folk trying to make an offer on the flat (another story, another day).

Couldn't decide where to stop and in the end just plonked for the moor. Was all a bit grey and lifeless but hung around anyway just in case. In a matter of minutes the sky lit up and then just as quickly it was gone. Feel lucky to have seen it.

Rannoch Moor and Am Monadh Dubh at sunset.

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